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Update September 24th, 2021
September 28th we will implement following data related changes in the existing PSD2 Account Information Services API (AIS):

  • All BBANs will be 14 digits. Banks with 7 digits account numbers, will be extended using '000' in the middle (from 11119879879 to 11110009879879).
    For banks running with 10 digits account numbers the BBAN will not change as it is already 14 digits long.
  • A new delimiter (\n) on remittanceInformationUnstructured in AIS. Format will change from "AAA BBB CCC" to "AAA\nBBB\nCCC".
  • accountOwnerName will be available on GET /accounts in AIS if consents are created with the allAccountWithOwnerName access type. Until now the accountOwnerName has only been available on GET /accounts/{resourceId} endpoint.

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