Berlin Group Implementation of PSD2 Services

The scope of this portal and the associated APIs is an implementation of the services described and specified under the PSD2 RTS:

  • Account Information Services (AIS) + Consents
  • Payment Initiation Services (PIS)
  • Fund Confirmation Services (FCS)

The implementation of the APIs as well as the security model follows the Berlin Group XS2A version 1.3 framework. Differences from the Berlin Group specification as well as our choice of alternatives and optional features are documented in the API documentation under the API section of this portal.


For full documentation of the above APIs, see the APIs section which contains Swagger docs and sandbox test facilities.


Note: The scope of this portal, the sandbox and the associated APIs is restricted to the services covered under PSD2 directive. The target audience is a TPP authorized by a local NCA to operate as an AISP, PISP or PIISP under the PSD2 directive. Our scope is specifically not a general Open Banking initiative aimed at a broader audience or use cases beyond PSD2. Many of BECs member banks have dedicated Open Banking initiatives alongside PSD2. Please refer to the individual banks for information about their offerings in broader Open Banking perspective.


Througout the portal, documentation and API specifications, when using the terminology and abbreviations from the PSD2 RTS, Berlin Group XS2A specification and other sources, we use it with the specific established interpretation taken from the relevant sources.


For at description of the terms used ind the API's and the documentation, please click here